The passion and expertise characterize the work of Chef Marco Scaglione who has been able over time to increase his skills, reinforce them with the study and the update and develop his art not only in knowing how to do but also in knowing it to teach others.

This is the added value of the Scaglione talent: to be able to pass on the outside effective techniques and teaching for working the gluten-free and make available to others the knowledge gained, and gained more and constantly updated.

This enthusiasm in wanting to share with the people their knowledge brings the Chef to become a trusted partner for businesses, restaurants, shops and laboratories who want to experience new activities related to the use and production of gluten-free products.

Marco Scaglione is an expert consultant and caring for all those activities that want to transform their reality, adapting them to the gluten-free machining or look out for the first time in this original and fascinating world.

Scaglione Advice, in general, is developed through the following services, which can then be customized to individual customer requirements:

  • Customer analysis, feasibility study and sharing goals
  • research and development of processing techniques, products and equipment
  • innovation and strategic direction for greater production efficiency
  • guidance in the selection and use of the mix on the market
  • Support implementation sheets of products and processes
  • support to optimize resources
  • theoretical knowledge and practical demonstrations on the various techniques of realization
  • specific training of professionals involved in the design of product realization

How to manage the process of opening or conversion of an asset for the gluten-free market

Scaglione is able to offer highly qualified and above all personalized services according to your actual needs.

You can benefiting from his advice with different and complementary aspects: design and construction of recipes for gluten-free products, such as technical and operational support for opening or converting an exercise, support for the respect of industry benchmark standards and theoretical training and practice of personnel involved in the company / catering activities.

AThe experience gained both at the industrial level and in the workshops, can assist the customer in the implementation of the documents relating to health permits, in finding the necessary equipment, in the production area design, up to the subsistence checks of hygiene requirements and security product provided by mandatory legislation.

This is also feasible with the support of experienced employees of Scaglione Chefs who have been working in the field of industrial quality, management systems and preparations under the national legislative point of view.


Over the years Scaglione has gained several significant experiences in collaboration with Italian food companies value.

Thanks to the preparation and experience of the Chef Scaglione, the recipes can be revised and adapted to new creations and especially designed to be modelled on different machines, allowing conversion of industrial or new openings in the most simple and effective ways.

Another particular case involved the commissioning consultancy developed by Scaglione to start a production system of gluten-free pizzas for "The Friends of Celiac" in Campobasso.


Marco Scaglione is also specialized in the opening or the conversion of workshops as the numerous collaborations.

Craft workshops

Restaurant and hotel sector

To date open or convert a restaurant for coeliacs can be a winning idea but to be able to achieve real results you have to be prepared to face a technical- organizational path, not without difficulty but definitely challenging and exciting.

In this process, to be matched by Chef Scaglione can be an injection of energy and passion in many ways: both for the transformation of its menu and then for culinary activities true and both for the operational and technical management of the transformation of rooms, kitchens and equipment.

  • Training
  • regulatory support
  • relations with other experts
  • choice and contact suppliers
  • establishment of an ad hoc menu
  • conversion of a menu of gluten in a gluten-free proposal

Chef Scaglione, offers his advice not only for new openings that will surely require a commitment and a schedule of activities quite complex but it is also involved with good advice to be of help to the many restaurateurs who today feel the need to offer its customers also the culinary gluten free.


Targeted advice, even just a few days, can be effective for pizzerias and restaurants that want to try a new cuisine and explore new proposals in its menu.

Thanks to the professional advice of Scaglione, everything will come to be well-managed and organized in the best way. In this path the restaurateur will be followed in the contact and choice of the suppliers of products for celiacs and create a good supply of resources.

The caterer will be able to know how to handle all the details, even starting from the organization of a good pantry. The main goal will be to prevent contamination of food and also distinguish the storage phase and storage of food.