La pasta senza glutine. Pasta fresca, gnocchi, crespelle & Co.

This book is a recipe book signed by the young and skilled chef Marco Scaglione, which offers all celiacs and gluten intolerant people the possibility of preparing homemade pasta, easily and effortlessly, in many formats and with tasty toppings. The goal is to guide the preparation of gluten-free dishes that have the same taste, texture and flavor as "normal" dishes. Over fifty recipes, 9 of which are illustrated step by step: from tagliatelle alla bolognese to spaghetti alla carbonara, from canederli to pasta alla Norma, many regional specialties, but also many new preparations in which naturally gluten-free flours give their best, to allow to learn how to cook true gastronomic masterpieces and to offer them to intolerant and non-intolerant diners.

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Homemade desserts gluten free

Celiac disease and intolerances of various kinds have hindered, in the past, the joy of punctual realization of "taste and feel good at the table". The passion with which Marco Scaglione finalized his work was to create recipes that are increasingly suitable for those who could finally satisfy their appetite together with the pleasure of tasting healthy dishes with great enthusiasm. Ultimately, he has always been committed to bringing the pleasure of the table to people who need "gluten-free" at the level of all others, accepting, with great humility and respect, the fact that gluten-free has different flavors and textures from those of tradition. "Homemade gluten-free desserts" he too responds to a precise concern: that of having to replace the ingredients almost completely. Not being celiac and being able to taste "the other side" of food, he helped him considerably in the constant search for delicacies that were as close as possible to the conventional world and in the creation of combinations that could allow it. The proposed recipes are achievable and within the reach of those who wish to "do it yourself". It will be important to follow the whole part, let's say technique and choices, that the Chef proposes and indicates with precision. Each recipe corresponds to at least one photo. Furthermore, some of them are enriched by numerous "steps" of their realization.

Pani Pizzas Buns gluten free

Marco Scaglione's cuisine is research, in constant development, which draws on the strength of the Italian and European gastronomic tradition, recalling the products of the territory and bringing out the regional typicalities. The gluten-free area is a continuous challenge for him, from the elaboration of traditional flavors to the rediscovery of ancient cereals, in the name of naturally gluten-free products. Curiosity and amazement are the basis of his work and lead him to continuously explore the gastronomic potential of each ingredient. This culinary process highlights how much the ingredients must be respected in their identity and transformed in a natural way, without forcing and aggressive cooking techniques, thus avoiding altering the natural combinations of taste, with great respect for the peculiarities of each food. Through his suggestions, it will become easy and satisfying for anyone to make and enjoy breads, pizzas, focaccias and crushed breads which, just out of a "gluten free" oven, can rightfully and proudly stand on any table.

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