Who am I

Born in Sicily, a warm, volcanic and colorful land. I have been passionate about cooking since I was a child for the taste of food and for the curiosity of seeing the ingredients transform. I moved to Tuscany with my parents during my adolescence where I attended the Hotel School of Montecatini Terme. After completing my studies, I immediately started working in French kitchens and then returned to Italy to undertake, together with the AIC (Italian Celiac Association of Tuscany), a gluten-free cooking project dedicated to Saharawi children. I prefer the search for naturally gluten-free raw materials and the preparation of dishes that reflect the love for the table and the preservation of local traditions. I like to try the typical cuisine of every place where I land on my business and pleasure trips, so as not to preclude any taste. I always find alternative ways to achieve the ideal of a "without" dish that is as similar as possible to the traditional one. I demonstrate that "without" is not synonymous with "tasteless". My motto is that you don't have to settle in life, so why do it at the table?

My family

Today I live in Tuscany with my partner and five children, surrounded by greenery. A place that has offered me so many opportunities and that I feel at home as much as my native Sicily and my beloved Puglia. I thank my parents for having passed on strong principles, values and rules that I try to pass on at home. The rules of life and the strong sense of justice, but above all independence are my strong points on which I have been able to base everything I have built today. The desire to achieve goals with one's own strength to understand their value. My family is the engine by which I face the professional challenges of every day and from which I get the desire to improve myself as a man.

My company

I'm in the foreground as a face and as an operation in consulting, but my company is made up of a team that I couldn't imagine better.
Team that compares, updates and is always active to adapt the service to the needs of the customer and the market.
We act on several fronts with amateurs and professionals who approach free from, or catering, therefore we cannot exempt ourselves from continuous training for ourselves.
In fact, we do not only deal with gluten-free products, in which I am qualified, but with specific claims for different needs (lactose-free, high in fibre, sugar-free, etc.).
The services we offer make up complete packages for every need:

  • Research and development: for all companies that want to bring innovation and economic and qualitative advantages to the product.

  • Personnel training: to guarantee operators who know how to independently manage the dough and the production of the product, making it optimal and stable.

  • Business plan: to help entrepreneurs plan work and manage resources, without wasting energy and manpower.

  • Start up: we follow at every stage those who want to realize their business idea, evaluating the contexts and markets with which the project interfaces in the round.

  • Ministerial certifications: we follow the entire product registration process by depositing it with the Ministry to be eligible for loan.

My background

I spent my early years as a Chef researching, studying and experimenting with naturally gluten-free ingredients. I collaborate with large manufacturing companies to test and develop free-from recipes that match the taste of traditional cuisine. My goal has always been to make gluten-free products palatable, so as not to deprive anyone of the pleasure of the table. So I wrote dedicated texts, complete recipe books suitable for all levels of experience, without ever losing the pleasure of confronting the public through traveling cooking classes. I continue to deal with training and dissemination of the culture of cooking for those who must follow a gluten-free diet or want to make it into entrepreneurial work. I collaborate with food sector magazines and every month I publish recipes and insights. I love traveling and this need often coincides with work that takes me abroad, but I never miss the opportunity to carve out some days in which to unwind from the fast pace of everyday life to explore new territories, culture, landscapes and culinary traditions!