Fried donuts without gluten

Fried donuts without gluten
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Time: 50 minuti più tempo di riposo
Difficulty: Media

A dessert that goes very well with greed!
The fried of this soft donut, makes the air of celebration even in simple days.

Ingredients :
For the yeast
75 g Gluten-free Mix for Yeast Sweets Molino della Giovanna
75 g water
5 g fresh yeast
For the dough
250 g Gluten-free Mix for Yeast Cakes Molino della Giovanna
150 g lactose free milk
150 g yeast
25 g fresh yeast
80 g of granulated sugar
2 egg yolks
1 whole egg
50 g sunflower oil (or lard)
a pinch of salt to taste
the grated peel of two oranges 
the pulp of a bourbon vanilla berry
fine rice flour for dusting
Icing sugar to decorate

Time 50 minutes plus rest
Medium difficulty

STEP 1, the yeast: in a bowl pour the mix, add the yeast in the water and mix everything well, knead by hand directly in the bowl.

The dough will be smooth and creamy, leave to rise in a bowl covered with film for 40 minutes at room temperature.
At this point, pour the yeast mixture and mix everything in a bowl, dissolve the milk with the yeast, sugar and add to the base of the mix, little by little; knead well, then add the oil and eggs and continue to work until completely amalgamate.
Finally add the lemon rind, a pinch of salt and the seeds contained inside the vanilla pod (to take them, it will be enough to cut it with the tip of a knife, lengthwise and extract them). Work well, until you get a homogeneous mixture, then form with it a ball helping, if necessary, with the finest rice flour.
Roll it out with a rolling pin on the slightly floured surface, until the dough is 1 cm thick; using a circular coppapasta or a glass, cut the dough obtaining discs of equal size and with a smaller coppapasta make a hole in the center, place in a baking tray lined with baking paper.
Let the donuts rise for about 1 hour, if necessary, knead the dough pieces briefly, roll them out again and use them to pack other donuts.
Almost at the end of the indicated time, heat the oil in a large pan bringing it to 180 º C; then lower the heat and lay the donuts. Cook until golden brown, turning continuously with a skimmer, then drain on absorbent kitchen paper and sprinkle with plenty of granulated sugar.