Gluten-free and lactose-free apple and cinnamon pancake

Gluten-free and lactose-free apple and cinnamon pancake
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Time: 10 minuti
Difficulty: Facile

Ingredients for 8 people

2 whole eggs
30 g of granulated sugar
350 g lactose-free milk
20 g sunflower seed oil
20 g grated apple pulp
2 g powdered cinnamon 
130 g gluten-free fine rice flour
40 g gluten-free potato starch
2 g bicarbonate
2 g salt up

Preparation time: 10 minutes         
Difficulty: Easy
Place the eggs and the sugar in a bowl or stand mixer and mix with a whisk for at least a couple of minutes until the mixture is foamy.
Pour the milk and then the rice flour, the cinnamon together with the starch without stopping to mix. Add the rest of the ingredients and work well taking care not to create lumps, at the end pour the mixture into a bowl.
Mix the dough before starting to use it, then with a ladle, pour a part in the center of a non-stick pan already heated. They must be small discs.
After a couple of minutes small bubbles will form and you can turn the pancake, wait for the usual time and then place on a plate.
Repeat until the dough is finished, gradually stack the pancakes and serve with maple syrup, hazelnut creams, fruit or honey.