Gluten-free bread for cereal bruschetta

Gluten-free bread for cereal bruschetta
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Time: 15 minuti più riposo
Difficulty: Facile

Homemade bread is the meal that makes more the idea of Family, of warmth and united table. With this recipe you will rediscover the pleasure of an ancient, raw and rustic taste thanks to the cereals used.
Teff, for example, will also give an intense color to the bread crumb.

characteristics :
Cereal in nature gluten-free, is distinguished by the high intake of fiber, calcium, potassium and complex carbohydrates that give the teff a low glycemic index making it appropriate for diabetics, those who want to lose weight, as well as athletes seeking increased endurance.
It is a good source of thiamine, niacin and vitamin B6, proteins, amino acids and fiber.
Historical background:
Researchers have estimated that the origin of African Teff dates back to 4000 years ago, in fact it was cultivated in Ethiopia between 4000 and 1000 BC and is still the most important cereal in the Ethiopian diet.
Raw teff grains can be eaten naturally or can serve as a substitute for seeds or nuts in recipes (pine nuts, peanuts, etc.). The grain has a delicate walnut taste and a slightly sweet taste: the darker the seed, the more its flavor is accentuated.
Teff is an excellent thickener for soups and stews.

350 g Special bread and pizza Molino dalla Giovanna
30 g Gluten-free teff flour
420 g water
25 g fresh yeast
20 g granulated sugar
50 g Flour of millet
70 g Very fine buckwheat flour
30 g Extra virgin olive oil
6 g salt to taste
Rice and corn flour for dusting

Time: 15 minutes plus leavening and cooking
Difficulty: easy


In a bowl pour the mix and various flours, mix.
Put the water and the yeast in a mixer or in a bowl, start to work for a couple of minutes to dissolve everything.
At this point add the flour mix in the yeast, add the oil and let the dough work, then the salt and complete the kneading until a smooth and homogeneous dough.