Gluten-free mixed pastry biscuits

Gluten-free mixed pastry biscuits
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Time: 40 minuti più cottura
Difficulty: Facile

Mixed gluten-free biscuits of whipped pastry worthy of a pastry showcase. You can indulge yourself to realize these small delights easily and quickly. 

Ingredients for
190 g butter
75 g icing sugar allowed
250 g mix Special for cakes and biscuits Molino dalla Giovanna
1 whole egg
5 g baking powder allowed
a pinch of salt
the peel of an untreated orange
To stuff
10 candied cherries allowed
30 g whole hazelnuts
100 g dark chocolate 74% allowed

Time 40 minutes plus cooking

Pour the softened butter and powdered sugar into the bowl or planetarium.
Grate the peel of an untreated orange and whip the mixture for about 10 minutes until it has become foamy and homogeneous. Then, begin to add the mix waiting for it to blend well with the butter, add the egg, a pinch of salt, yeast and orange and continue with the whip. During the processing, from time to time turn off the planetary and with a spatula collect the compound that the centrifugal action will have smeared on the edges of the cup. 
When the mixture is homogeneous, transfer into a sac-à-poche with a star-shaped nozzle, line a lollipop with baking paper and give the desired shapes to the biscuits.
They can then be decorated with whole hazelnuts, or with candied cherries, or melt in a chocolate bath gently and glaze the tip of the biscuit.

It is a shortcrust pastry recipe that differs from the classic biscuits, because the whipped pastry has more butter in the recipe and gives a melt in the mouth. It does not lie down with a rolling pin, but with the sac à poche and then does not need to rest in the fridge.
The biscuits are decorated with candied fruit, chocolate and sprinkles.
Perfect for a delicious snack, accompanied by a good tea a herbal tea. They are kept for a long time and are also perfect to give!