Plum Cake di pane alle banane con uvetta

Plum Cake di pane alle banane con uvetta
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Time: 1 ora e 30 minuti più riposo
Difficulty: Media

A sweet not too sweet, but reminiscent of the flavors of the past and allows us to recycle the famous bananas that sometimes remain there to darken..
Bananas are recognized in the level of ripeness by the color of the skin: tending to green in unripe bananas, to dark yellow with small brown patches in very ripe ones, to bright yellow in the others. Brown patches corresponding to sugar buildup.
Historical background:
The banana tree is an evergreen and perennial plant native to Asia and Africa, despite its size, it is not a tree, but reaches even 10 meters in height.
frutto disponibile tutto l’anno, le varietà più comuni sul mercato italiano sono: la “Gros Michel” a frutto molto grosso, la “Cavendish” nana e gigante, con buccia sottile e meno resistente ai trasporti, la “Poyo”, “Lady’s Finger” , “Lacatan” e “Roja”.
Ingredients for 1 kg of dough
500 g Special Bread and Pizza Molino dalla Giovanna without lactose
200 g water
210 g lactose-free milk <0.01%
10 g acacia honey
50 g raisins sultanas
150 g smoothie banana
5 g cinnamon powder
20 g granulated sugar
25 g fresh yeast 
40 g sunflower oil
4 g salt to taste
for the syrup:
200 g of water
250 g of sugar


Mix the honey in the water with the yeast and the sugar and mix well to dissolve everything.
In a mixer pour the mix and add the base made with yeast and then pour the milk, the banana shake at the moment to avoid oxidation, raisins and cinnamon and mix.
After kneading for about two/three minutes, pour the oil and only at the end salt.
The dough should be well homogenous but a little sticky, so you’ll have to divide it into two molds from plum cake 20 cm, after having greased them with butter without lactose and sprinkled with rice flour.
Place to rise for 1 and a half hours/ two hours, the dough must.