Tuscan lampredotto without gluten

Tuscan lampredotto without gluten
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Time: 2 ore
Difficulty: Media

Ingredients for 4 people 
110 g of white onion
70 g of carrots
40 g of celery
350 g lampredotto cut into small pieces
½ dosing oil cap
50 g of lard
750 g water water
20 g white wine vinegar
200 g tomatoes cut into 4
200 g water water
6 g of fine salt
1 g ground black pepper
1-2 g marjoram powder or fresh
30 g grated parmesan cheese 

Preparation: 15 minutes      
Cuko: 11 minutes       
Difficulty level: Easy                                                                                                                             
Servings: 10% per serving
Mode: manual mode

Tools for the recipe
- Mixing paddle, mixing paddle 
- measuring cup


Place the water, the lamprey, the white wine vinegar in the container and cook 20 min. to 100°C.
Drain the lamprey and store it aside in a container.
Insert the steel blade, add the celery, carrot and onion and chop to vel.10 for 2 min.
Remove the blade, add the mixing shovel and add the lard, brown for 8 min. to 100°C.
Add the cherry tomatoes, the lamprey and add 200 g of water, cook for 15 min. to 100° vel.3.
Complete with salt and pepper and cook again 18 min. 90°C vel.2.
Serve warm and warm.