Spaghetti alla chitarra gluten-free with mackerel sauce, marjoram and breadcrumbs

Spaghetti alla chitarra gluten-free with mackerel sauce, marjoram and breadcrumbs
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Time: 45 Minuti
Difficulty: Facile

Ingredients for 4 people:
300 g spaghetti alla chitarra Gluten-free pasta from Venice
300 g fresh mackerel already cleaned
30 g anchovies in oil
60 g breadcrumbs gluten free
20 g sultanas raisins gluten free
20 g pine nuts
100 g peeled
Extra virgin olive oil
80 g Water
Sale up
Black pepper


Soak for about ten minutes gluten-free raisins.
Slice an onion as finely as possible until get a mush, pour into a pan together with extra virgin olive oil and anchovies. Cook for ten minutes on low heat and stirring often,so as to make the bottom wither without burning and dissolve the anchovies.
In the meantime dilute the saffron in the water with a fork and then pour into the pan adding the clean and cut mackerel into chunks. Then drain and rinse the raisins and pour into the pan, add the pine nuts, stir and continue cooking, still on a gentle flame, for another 10 minutes. At this point add the peeled tomatoes and cook for about 5 minutes. fire a pot with water and bring to a boil, add salt and cook the spaghetti without gluten for about 3 minutes, drain in mackerel sauce and let it all cook on a gentle flame for a couple of minutes more.>Toast the gluten-free breadcrumbs pouring in a pan together with 10 g of oil. Stir often so as not to burn it and when it is golden brown, turn off the heat.
Serve and garnish with a panettone sprig of more sauce and a drizzle of raw oil.

Recipe by Chef Marco Scaglione br>Photos Francesco Bolognini