Savory muffins gluten-free with buckwheat grains, hazelnuts and candied orange peel

Savory muffins gluten-free with buckwheat grains, hazelnuts and candied orange peel
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Time: 60 minuti
Difficulty: Facile

Ingredients for 12 muffins:
300 g of gluten-free bread mix
80 g of buckwheat in gluten-free grains
1.5 dl partially skimmed milk
10 g of baking powder for savory preparations without gluten
1 dl of sunflower oil
50 g of grated Parmesan cheese
65 g of scamorza
3 eggs
1 shallot
30 g of unsalted shelled pistachios
30 g of gluten-free candied orange peel
3 tufts of parsley
extra virgin olive oil
fine salt
black pepper in grains

Place the gluten-free buckwheat in a fine knit strainer and rinse it under running water; drain and cook in boiling water for 15-16 minutes.
Peel the shallots, chop finely and brown in a non-stick pan with 1 tablespoon of extra-virgin olive oil; add the gluten-free cooked and drained buckwheat, let it cook for 1 minute, then add a pinch of salt and pepper, and mix. Transfer everything into a fine mesh strainer and allow to drain.
Mix the gluten-free bread mix in a large bowl with baking powder. Peel the eggs in a second bowl and work them with a steel whisk; pour the milk and seed oil, and add the parsley, washed and chopped. Stir, then add the liquid obtained in the bowl with the gluten-free flour and mix everything, without leaving lumps. Combine the grated Parmesan and the diced scamorza, mix carefully, then add the pistachios, the gluten-free buckwheat, and the gluten-free orange peel cut into small pieces. Mix everything, then distribute the mixture in the appropriate muffin molds in silicone; bake in the hot oven at 170 ° C for 25 minutes, then churn out, remove the muffins and serve.