Gluten-free crackers with sorghum and teff

Gluten-free crackers with sorghum and teff
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Time: 40 minuti più riposo
Difficulty: Facile

Ingredients 800 g of dough
420 g Special bread and pizza Molino dalla Giovanna  
40 g gluten-free teff flour
40 g gluten-free sorghum flour 
320 g water water
2 g of fresh yeast 
3 g baking soda
10 g fine salt
To brush up
Extra virgin olive oil
Salt up to

Time: 40 minutes more rest
Difficulty level: easy

Divide the water into two parts, in a bowl and add the yeast and dissolve with the tips of a fork, then stir a few seconds until the yeast is completely dissolved.
Pour the yeast and water mixture into the bread mix together with the teff flour and sorghum.
In the rest of the water melt the salt, then add the extra virgin olive oil to the flour and start kneading, adding the water flush from time to time. When all the ingredients are amalgamated, transfer the mixture on a pastry board and knead until you get a smooth and homogeneous mixture. Put the mixture into a bowl and cover it with plastic wrap. 
Cut the uneven edges with a smooth cutter to obtain strips 5/6 cm wide.
Divide the strips with a serrated pasta cutter so that they are 10 cm long. With the ends of a fork make a vertical line to the exact half of the length of the cracker and then with a stick for skewers drill 5 holes on each of the two parts divided by line.
Line a lollipop with parchment paper and place over the crackers to be brushed lightly with an emulsion of water and oil; as desired, sprinkle the crackers with fine salt. Bake in a static oven already hot at 160°C for about 15 minutes.
As soon as they are baked, remove them immediately from the pan and place them on a raised grill to dry well.