Shots Food

The innovative idea to best present your products

The food is so daily in our lives that can seem strange to photograph it.
A cook. A photographer. At your service to allow your company to rise. The image of a product is critical and for this we must rely on professionals. The Chef Marco Scaglione, thanks to his experience, will be able to enhance your product while the photographer will immortalize the food and raise the sensations in the observer through the image.

Have you ever thought about how many tasty dishes can be prepared with your products?
Each of your product is unique because it contains the essence of your work and your passion and to enhance it you need the right professionals.
A chef that can deliver versatile and unique recipes with all your products and for all occasions and a photographer that is able to capture the best angle and the consumer's attention.

On a site or in a catalogue page you can’t feel flavours or taste but the focus is in the pictures. This makes us understand how the images and the right presentation of the dish is important to capture the consumer and emphasize your work and your passion.