New Bakery Course Without Gluten

New Bakery Course Without Gluten
  • Marco Scaglione Chef Senza Glutine
  • 27-02-2021
  • 15:00-18:00
  • online su Gotomeeting
  • 353 4039385
  • 45 €

Gluten free cooking course description :

The training room with bakery theme offers a path that will allow you to create the products of gluten-free cuisine in total autonomy.

Through a dense exchange of theoretical and practical knowledge you will be able to juggle your preparations, regardless of your level of experience.

Objectives of the gluten free cooking course:

conscious approach to gluten-free raw materials for use in preparations
to learn a method of kneading that guarantees the results in the expectations
know, also through questions to be asked to the teacher, the secrets and methods of dough management
analysis of the various processing processes for the production of gluten-free products
understand which are the best solutions for each product in the phases of dough, leavening, cooking and storage.
Structure of the gluten free cooking course:

the course is structured in practical and theoretical phases, in particular:

introduction to naturally gluten-free raw materials
nature and characteristics of ingredients in commercial mixes
functions of gluten-free raw materials and reaction inside the dough
dough method and correct sequence of insertion of ingredients in the realization of recipes
examination and study of each individual mode of rest and /or leavening
study of cooking choices suitable for individual preparations
method of preservation and/or regeneration of the product
Method of dough:

Method of leavening:
long leavening

Method of cooking:

Recipients of the gluten free cooking course:

The gluten-free cooking course is intended for amateurs and professionals on any level of experience, who want to enrich the knowledge of gluten-free recipes both in the home and in the professional field.

Since the offer divides the various classrooms into individual thematic sessions, each event completes the training.

Therefore, by participating in several cooking courses you can enrich your training in the field of gluten-free, creating a common thread that does not stop, but always extends and opens new goals more and more elaborate that allow you to increase the level of experience.

The bread-making course, in addition to the live training programmed on the recipes in the poster, allows a direct comparison with the chef and the entire classroom during the preparations.

In addition, the complete recipe book will be provided in pdf of glutenfree preparations and on request a diploma of participation.

The recipes of the new baking course include:
Loaf of bread with cereals
Crispy loaf
Arabian bread
Pizzo pugliese
Rolled the sausages with sesame seeds