Training course for traditional bread and focaccia

Training course for traditional bread and focaccia
  • Marco Scaglione Chef Senza Glutine
  • 21-10-2023
  • 9:00-12:00
  • online su Gotomeeting
  • 3534039385
  • 50 €

The classroom dedicated to the breading breading of regional traditions.
From north to south Italy, each region has its own special and unique habits and recipes, so my goal is to play these delicacies in free from version to be ondivise with everyone.
We will alternate to practice the theoretical notions in which I will explain how the ingredients interact, dough and cooking methods.

The recipes of the course:

Apulian onion
Schiacciata ligure
Sphincter from Palermo
Emilian weed
Gluten free cooking course objectives:
conscious approach to gluten-free raw materials to be used in preparations
learn a method of working the dough that ensures the results in expectations
know, also through the questions to be asked to the teacher, the secrets and the methods of managing the dough
analysis of the various processing processes for the production of gluten-free products
understand which are the best solutions for each product in the stages of dough, baking and storage.
Gluten free cooking course structure:

the course is structured in practical and theoretical phases, specifically:

nature and characteristics of the ingredients present in the mixes
functions of gluten-free raw materials and reaction inside the dough
kneading method and correct sequence of ingredients in the preparation of recipes
examination and study of each individual mode of rest and/or proofing
study of cooking choices suitable for individual preparations
method of storage and/or regeneration of the product
Gluten free cooking course recipients:
The course is intended for amateurs and professionals on any level of experience, who want to enrich the knowledge of gluten-free recipes both at home and in the professional field.
Since the offer divides the various classrooms into individual thematic sessions, each event makes the training complete.