Curso especial sobre el mundo de la pizza sin gluten

Curso especial sobre el mundo de la pizza sin gluten
  • Chef Marco Scaglione
  • 09-10-2022
  • 9:00-12:00
  • online Gotomeeteng
  • 3534039385
  • 45 €

Gluten free cooking course description :
The training room with theme Special Pizza, offers a path that will allow you to make gluten free products in total autonomy and with excellent results guaranteed
Through a dense exchange of theoretical and practical notions you will be able to juggle the preparations, regardless of your level of experience.

The recipes of the course:

Pizza dish with homemade recipe
Thin and crunchy pizza 
Pizza in a green pan
Baked granola calzone and biga
Gluten free cooking course structure
the course is structured in practical and theoretical phases, specifically:

introduction to naturally gluten-free raw materials
kneading method and correct sequence of ingredients in the preparation of recipes
examination and study of each individual mode of rest and/or proofing
study of cooking choices suitable for individual preparations
method of storage and/or regeneration of the product
Method of cooking:

Method of kneading:

for simple and complex leavened dough
-Teaching is aimed at the practice in which the participants work simultaneously with the Chef and deepen the theories to discover the secrets of the dough

-Real-time communication to answer questions and queries from students.

-Release of the cookbook in pdf and other teaching materials related to the cooking course.

-With a single classroom, the production of several recipes with one or more members of the family